The Literary Enclave Private Community is for new authors to find help, inspiration, and services from other industry professionals, include exclusive assistance from our dedicated coach. We don’t screen our members, as we believe in equal opportunity for all. When everyone is valued and respected for what they can bring to the community, we all win.


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For our authors…

Authors can discuss any range of writing related topics, network with others, brainstorm, collaborate, and get encouragement, help, and advice to keep them moving forward toward their publishing goals. We encourage all authors to research and vet any professional member before paying for services.

For industry professionals…

Whether you’re a publisher, editor, graphic artist, or ghostwriter, you’ll find a place here. We encourage a high level of integrity and fair practices when engaging the community. We believe this is vital to your success, and our author’s success. You don’t need to be a plus member to join here and find people to work with. If you’re interested in becoming an official Friend, you should be here a month before applying. Friends are vetted professionals who are exclusively displayed on our home page and recommended by our team.

Extras and Bonuses

You’ll also have access to special resources, content, and videos to help you on your journey.
Best of all, it’s fun! We have members only giveaways and games with amazing prizes to help you obtain services and products you need but can’t afford to purchase.
Membership Options
Community Standard – This is our standard free members who are able to participate in discussions or start their own by asking questions or seeking advice on anything writing, publishing or marketing related. Standard members aren’t allowed to openly self-promote. No posting of links publicly. You may do this in private message only if solicited by a service provider.
Community Plus – This membership is $20 per month for those who would like the opportunity to post links for advertising their services. Links may be posted in open discussion only and not used as an advertisement or spam. One link per day as needed.
Community Premium – The $60 per month membership is for professionals who wish to advertise their services. One advertisement per day to reduce spam. Premium members may also post links in discussions they are a part of in order to attract new clients/customers.
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If you’re selected, not only will you get that call, we’ll also feature your work on the website and all of our social media platforms. Multiple winners per month. We may also decide to upgrade your membership for free at any time if you prove to us you are a serious and commitment community member.