Q: Why do you charge when there are so many free writing groups on facebook?

A: We have several reasons for the fee. First, as you’ve likely noticed, these other groups on facebook highly discourage any type of self-promotion or links being posted. We allow our plus and premium members to promote themselves once per day. Also, as our members have access to mentoring and coaching from actual industry professionals, this fee helps us to be able to offer incentives that draw in only the best around to help our members. They are volunteering their time to help you and should be properly rewarded, which we will do by promoting their business.

Another reason why we charge is that the quality of help and advice you’ll be given is comparable to standard coaching or mentoring. You’ll get solutions that work, and you can see from the Services page, expert coaching isn’t cheap. We’ve simply found a way to make it available to everyone for a price that’s less than a cup of coffee.

Q: What does a Writing Coach do?

A: Our writing coach is a friend, teacher, and mentor who will guide you through every step in the writing process, even though the tricky aspects such as editing, publishing and even selling. Coaching services are structured to fit your specific needs and can become costly. Luckily for you, you’ll get the same level of attention and feedback from our dedicated coach and other industry professionals when you join the Literary Enclave Community. (TLEC)

Q: Will the price ever change?

A: Yes. But not for those who lock in at $1 per month in the first 60 days. We’re offering this as a courtesy for the ones who will be helping us to establish the group. Getting in now means you’ll never have to worry about a price increase.

Q: What does it mean to be a Friend of the community?

A: Professionals who are vetted by us and known to be of good character and have ethical business practices are considered very good friends to us for what they bring to the industry. They are our base group of volunteers who are here to help, and who will be working with you directly by answering questions and giving advice. As mentioned, they enjoy special recognition as a token of our gratitude. Follow their pages and get to know them.

Q: Who can be a Friend?

A: Anyone can be a Friend. All you have to do is send a message expressing interest. Tell us about yourself and give us a little time to check you out. We’ll add new Friends often.

Q: Can I become a plus member without paying the fee?

A: Absolutely! We’ll be handing out free upgrades to members who catch our eye by sharing us on social media and helping to promote us. See more on the community page.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: It’s easy! Just go to the community page here on the website and click Unsubscribe. But before you do, would you mind getting in touch to tell us why? If there’s a problem, we’ll talk about it.

Q: If I join your mailing list, what can I expect? I don’t like Spam.

A: No one likes spam and even the most well-intentioned emails can become annoying. We’ll email you once per week with a newsletter that will be chock full of news, updates, special offers, and other goodness that comes straight from both us, and our community members.¬†We’re all about building a relationship and helping you succeed. Our goal is to earn our reputation the old-fashioned way with ethical practices and helping others. Your good opinion of us is more valuable than money and we’ll work hard to earn it.

Q: I’ve read all of this and still have questions.

A: We’re happy to answer questions via our live chat. If chat isn’t available, send a message anyway and we’ll get back to you quickly.