Authors who don’t blog are missing out on some really great opportunities to grow their lists, build trust with their readers and networking with other authors. It takes several times of coming in contact with you before enough trust is built up for a sale to be made. This is why those email campaigns are so successful and so many do them.

It’s never a bad idea to give your audience another way to get to know you and your work. Also, when you write guest posts for other blogs, you’re creating links to your own site, called linkbacks. Search engines love to count those up for rankings so every one you can manage will help your traffic grow organically.

So what do you post and how often? That also depends on you. If you don’t feel you have much to say, share from a blog you enjoy reading or offer other authors a guest spot. This will minimize the number of posts you have to write yourself. If you’re unsure if you’re giving too much or too little, ask! Send out a poll and ask your readers what content they care about most and how often they’d like to hear from you.

What to say? There are a few ways to go. You can be the super professional who only posts valuable content that your readers might be interested in, or you can make it super personal and provide inside looks into your writing process or your life as you write your manuscript. Or you can do a combination of both. Your readers will probably just be thrilled to hear from you unless you’re posting several times a day. In which case, that might be a little much. When in doubt, poll your audience.

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