Does an author have to blog? The simple answer is no. Of course not. Writing is a business and it’s up to you to decide what is right for your business. The question keeps coming up and authors ask me all the time whether they should blog and if so, how much should they blog. Here’s the deal…

Blogging isn’t for everyone, nor is it for every business. Many authors don’t have time for blogging and some have time but don’t know what to write. Before you can make the decision, you need to know what your goal in blogging is. I’ve heard too many times, “Because ‘they’ say I have to.” No. You don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Engaging your audience is critical to your success, but that can come in many forms. If you’ve got a large social media following or a large email list, it’s okay to skip it.

The formula I use on my own social media is to promote others with 50% of my posts and use 25% to promote myself and then the other 25% to engage my audience with interesting stories and updates on my writing or my life. This seems to work well since people appreciate that I share their work and they return the favor when it’s my turn.

I don’t do a standard email list with all the hooks and lures to get someone to buy. Instead, I toss out a newsletter every few weeks which has information on interesting things I’ve found, updates on my current project, usually, a tidbit of my personal life and whatever else I can think of that might help them over the next few weeks until I send out another.

In other words, it’s not a standard campaign and it’s nothing like what everyone else is doing. In fact, I still use the old school style template so everyone knows it’s an actual newsletter and not someone’s landing page. Sure, campaigns have their place, but the whole game is different for authors. We have to think outside the box and not get caught up in norms that are decided for us. In short, only you know if blogging is right for you. But if you don’t blog, have a plan for engaging your readers.

Don’t miss the next post. It’s all about the benefits of blogging and what to do if you can’t think of anything to post!

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